We work in partnership with landowners who want the best for their local community and consider themselves having a duty of care to deliver an exemplary scheme.

Many successful developments in the UK are the result of a partnership between a developer and a landowner who wishes to create a legacy which they can be proud of. They retain long-term involvement in the project to ensure what’s delivered is of high-quality. And sometimes to provide ongoing management and maintenance. The Duchy of Cornwall at Poundbury is the most high-profile example.

Also, unlike many land promoters, our role does not have to end once planning permission has been granted. We can manage the design and installation of site infrastructure (which includes common landscaping, roads, and utilities to each plot), connect buyers with companies and local lenders who help them build a home customised to their needs, and even offer pre-designed and approved homes with a range of customisable elements.

This legacy approach to development shows a commitment from all parties to create a place which will mature over time and be managed accordingly.

Legacy developments are about capturing the spirit of the existing area whilst creating a new place with real purpose where a new community can integrate and thrive.