Status:  Planning

Number of homes:  50

Site size:  2.6 hectares

Local authority:  East Suffolk

Read our response to the most frequently asked and important questions raised during the consultation and view the planning application on East Suffolk Council’s website.

Framlingham is an ancient English market town characterised by its handsome market square, historic buildings, and narrow streets. The Town was first granted a market in 1285. It’s traded weekly, on Tuesday and Saturday, ever since. The magnificent Framlingham Castle overlooks the town.

Our site is at the southern end of Framlingham, adjacent to more modern development, and opening out on to the beautiful Suffolk countryside.

We’re working with the landowner, multi-award winning architect Pollard Thomas Edwards, and planning consultancy Rural Solutions on a proposal for 50 new Custom and Self-Build homes. Landscape design is by Collington Winter and includes new public open space and a new neighbourhood play area, ecological enhancements, new native trees and hedges, and improvements to footpaths and drainage.

We’re also committed to upgrading Victoria Mill Road, leading to the site, to improve safety and access for pedestrians and vehicle users.

The proposal

In Framlingham, we want to create a legacy of high-quality, affordable, equitable, and sustainable homes which will stand the test of time; a place that adds value to the town and in a hundred years’ time people will still be proud to call their home.

We will do this by:

  • Creating a great place which feels like part of Framlingham
  • Providing choice and diversity in the homes we offer
  • Enabling people to build beautiful, efficient houses which feel like home
  • Providing people-friendly streets and open spaces.

As a Custom and Self-Build development, the exact design of each new home will be controlled by a Design Code. This document, which is part of our planning application, sets out key design ‘rules’ ensuring there is a good balance of design coherence and individuality, whilst building on the things which make Framlingham special.

Our proposed development will:

  • Deliver 50 new homes, including 17 affordable homes that increase housing choice in the town for existing and new residents
  • Be designed to be sympathetic and complimentary to the existing rich, architectural vernacular
  • Create a fantastic new open space and landscape for local people to enjoy
  • Provide a large new neighbourhood play area for use by the whole community
  • Enhance existing hedgerows and introduce new native trees increasing local biodiversity
  • Improve drainage on site through sustainable and attractive landscape features such as ponds and swales
  • Make improvements to Victoria Mill Road, introduce new footways and pathways making the area safer, easier to use, and more accessible
  • Respond to the climate emergency with environmentally sustainable new homes and landscape
  • Positively contribute to local life by encouraging residents to be actively involved in their neighbourhood
  • Create a sustainable community for the long-term.

We want to hear from you

If you have any questions about the scheme or would like to provide your feedback, please get in touch via the Contact us section of our website.

If you’d like to register your interest in this, or any of our projects, please fill out a form here.

We consulted on our proposals for Framlingham in July 2020. You can read our response to the most frequently asked and important questions raised during the consultation, download our public consultation material, and view the planning application on East Suffolk Council’s website.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Custom and Self-Build in the area, and to sign up to the register to get notified when plots become available, follow the link below to East Suffolk Council’s website.

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