Chiddingly Road is not able to cope with the additional traffic your development will bring

We appointed civil and highway engineer Canham Consulting to undertake a transport assessment and to assess traffic flow along Chiddingly Road in light of our proposed development and other likely developments coming forward. The detailed modelling of future traffic flows demonstrated there will be minimal traffic impact on the wider highway network. During the [...]

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The local infrastructure of Horam (doctors, schools, etc.) are already oversubscribed and cannot cope with more people

Horam and Wealden District have experienced considerable growth in recent years. We understand this puts pressure on local services and infrastructure, which often take a while to adapt to and catch up with demand, and that this is frustrating for residents. House building is extremely effective in stimulating the economy, and new people do [...]

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We don’t need new homes in Horam

Government sets minimum targets for new homes in each district of England. The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) requires Councils to enable developers to build an agreed number of homes each year to cater for anticipated growth in the area. The number of homes required is calculated using a method provided by Government which [...]

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