We believe Custom and Self-Build achieves higher quality and more sustainable homes.

Custom and Self-Build is not a new idea, in fact it is the way the majority of homes were built before we started to mass produce homes in the 20th century. And its re-emergence is very much a response to the current speculative model used by developers who build and then hope that people buy. A model that is often criticised for uniform, bland designs that are low quality and lacking character.

Custom and Self-Build challenges this model by being demand-led, where the homeowners get directly involved in setting their own priorities for the design of their own homes. This process represents better value for money for homeowners as they can create a home which better suits their needs for longer.

As a Custom or Self-Builder, it does not mean you have to manage the whole process and undertake construction yourself (although you can), just that you play a meaningful part in the design and build of your new home.

It also represents better value for nearby existing residents as Custom and Self-Builders typically invest much more time and energy into their homes and neighbourhoods, creating more stable, invested communities from the start that have a stronger sense of belonging and identity with where they live.

By choosing to specialise in Custom and Self-Build projects, Leaper have set out to revolutionise housing delivery and create distinctive and popular places through the choices which the homeowners make.

What’s in it for me as someone considering Custom or Self-Build?

It’s all about choice. Your choice.

Building a Custom or Self-Build home, you have the unique freedom to create the home that best suits your needs — you can be as involved as you want to be in the process, from designing and managing the process entirely yourself, to employing expert designers and builders to lead the way.

This choice also extends to you setting your priorities for where you invest your money. Whether this is about maximising floor space, making the most sustainable home possible, or installing state-of-the-art technology, or balancing all three aspects into your new home, it is your choice.

This greater level of control over the design, material and finishes means that your final home will likely be of a higher quality than a typical developer home.

And finally, there’s the financial choices you have; do you concentrate on building the same specification as the equivalent developer-built home for less, or do you invest the same and get a better home. Either way, Custom and Self-Build delivers better value for money.

Did you know?

There is a housing crisis because not enough homes are being built and through Government policy, custom and self-build housing is being actively encouraged via the Self-build and Custom Housebuilding Act 2015. In fact, every local authority must legally hold a self-build register

The registers are paired with a duty for the council to supply sufficient serviced plots for the people on their registers

53% of people surveyed state they are interested in Custom and Self-Build homes

The Custom and Self-Build market in the UK is constantly growing. 10% of UK houses are built this way, up from 5% just three years ago (compared to 80% in Austria and 50% in Germany)

There is a shortage of plots UK-wide – making your land in great demand for development

In the UK, only about ten property developers build 50% of new homes in areas they determine – driving many landowners and small builders out of the planning process

Profit is maximised for all parties with self and custom build, as it’s shared between the landowner and homeowner, cutting out the middleman (the housing developer).

What’s in it for the local community?

Investing in a Custom or Self-Build home is also an investment in the local community.

Research has shown that when people invest the time and energy to design and build their own homes, they become much more invested in the area and are more likely to live in their home for much longer than people that buy from a developer.

In addition, the investment of building their dream home means new residents develop stronger ties to the local area and participate more often in local life, becoming active members of the local community, using and contributing to local services.

And finally, these close ties to the local area help provide further benefits during the build period itself, as the smaller scale lends itself well to using local tradespeople and suppliers, boosting the local economy.

What’s in it for me as a landowner?

Custom and Self-Build neighbourhoods are about building communities, not just profits.

Developing your land for Custom and Self-Build offers the potential to leave a positive legacy and generate greater financial returns than if the site was sold in one go to a developer.

As a landowner who cares about their local community, you are able to influence the design process and help create an inspiring new place with a real sense of identity. Your input into the creation of a design code for the development ensures that the Custom and Self-Build homes that get built have the look and feel that you and other stakeholders aspire to, and that your community is not compromised by poor, inappropriate design.

It is also worth acknowledging that Custom and Self-Build are actively promoted by the Government through the Self-Build and Custom Housebuilding Act 2015, requiring local authorities to hold a Self-Build register and make available suitable building plots to service this need.

Custom and Self-Build is a growth area, delivering 10% of all new homes per year, but with the capacity for much more – 50% of all new homes are built this way in Germany and 80% in Austria!

Do get in touch to discuss how we might work with you to deliver a lasting legacy for your assets.

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