Typically we are looking for plots of land on the edge of existing settlements (village, town or city) and will consider:

  • plots of 1 to 10 acres in areas of England where we can identify an opportunity for residential development (new housing).
  • sites that we believe are suitable for a planning application in the short-term.
  • sites that sit within a planning authority that is unable to prove a 5 year housing land supply.
  • sites in areas where a local plan is yet to be adopted.
  • sites that are already allocated in a local or neighbourhood plan.

How does it work?

Leaper aims to take all the stress and hassle out of the planning application process which is invariably time-consuming and expensive, and the outcome uncertain. After an initial assessment and if we believe your land has significant prospects of achieving planning consent for residential development we will look to enter into a land promotion agreement where we will bear all planning and associated costs. We only charge if we are successful with the application. We will also manage the sale process and will be paid out of the proceeds.

Next steps

If you have a plot of land located on the edge of a settlement and would like to explore the potential for residential development then please get in touch.

Please complete our short enquiry from: