Leaper promotes custom and self-build schemes in rural locations across the UK.

Our aim is to create great homes and places with a positive and long-lasting legacy. We are convinced that working with landowners, existing communities, and other talented and like-minded people is the best way to deliver this.

Leaper was founded by Ben Marten and Dom Palmer-Tomkinson who are both passionate about the countryside and rural living. They believe sensitive, well-designed, well-planned development enhances rural communities.

They have combined their professional and business experience to create a business that focuses on unlocking the value of smaller parcels of land that tend to be overlooked by larger and more traditional developers.

We believe in promoting sustainable and deliverable sites and that plots of this size are an important contribution towards solving the UK housing shortage and a welcome boost to rural settlements.

We work with the very best professionals and consultants with proven track records using the right expertise required to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients.

Together we will:

Create great places which fit in with their surroundings — every village, town or city has special and positive characteristics that make it different from others, we strive to discover and understand what that is and instil it in our developments

Offer choice and diversity — this helps a place feel like it’s grown over time; by choosing to specialise in custom and self-build projects we have set out to create a way for people to influence the design of their own homes and create something specific to their needs.

Build beautiful, efficient houses which feel like home — that means creating homes that are flexible, environmentally high-performing, and wonderful places to live

Deliver people-friendly streets and open spaces — essential elements in creating popular, safe, healthy, and sustainable places

Meet the team:

Ben Marten
Founding director

Ben has a background in business as well as residential and commercial property development and investment.

Dom Palmer-Tomkinson
Founding director

Dom has a background in finance as well as rural planning consultancy.

Adam Towle
Development director

Adam is an architect and skilled project manager with over ten years’ experience working in private practice and in the public sector, for the Mayor of London and local councils.

Board and advisory:

Miff Chichester

Miff qualified as a Chartered Surveyor in 1992 and has worked in the world of property since 1995. He is currently Managing Partner at St Congar Land, one of the UKs leading land promoters.

Harry Lopes
Non-executive advisor

Harry is a chartered accountant with extensive experience in solar development in the UK and more recently in the US.  Harry brings financial oversight as well as key contacts with landowners countrywide.

Kim Slowe
Non-executive advisor

Formerly a Royal Navy helicopter pilot and frigate captain Kim has spent the last 20 years delivering design-led, sustainable homes. He founded the housebuilder ZeroC and the custom and self-build brand Design Your Home.

Our partners: